No More Nut November Part 4 – Now Available For Members

NMNN - Part 4

" Are you that much of a virgin that you can't even talk about sex? "

After the last few failed attempts to get her brother laid, Gina decides to take a more direct approach…Maybe a little too direct.

As tensions rise between the siblings, Gina begins to realise that she might be just a bit more than estranged from her brother. They might in fact, be almost complete strangers.

Enjoy the next chapter of this story. It’s looking to be a slow burn as there’s such a big gulf for Gina and Dan to cover, but I can assure you, the wait will be totally worth it.

And as always, please leave any comments at the bottom of this update as I always enjoy reading your feedback.

Enjoy A Little Taste Of What's To Cum

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