No More Nut November Part 3 – Now Available To Members

NMNN - Part 3

" Lol what are you one of those lame No Nut November kind of people ? "

Tensions are growing in the group chat as Gina finds herself caught between the two sides of her social life.

Half of her wants to not care about anything and play Shannon’s hilarious, if also cruel games on her brother.

But Alexis continues to provide a ray of light into her life, desperately trying to convince her to take a more personal approach to her brother and really get to understand his situation.

As Gina heads out for a house party, maybe this will be the perfect opportunity to drop the games and spend some quality time with her brother after so many missed years?

Enjoy and as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Enjoy A Little Taste Of What's To Cum

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