Chemical 1NC35T – A New Sci-Fi Incest Story Released

Chemical 1nC35T Feature

" He couldn’t explain it, he just wanted to be near his mother more than anything. "

Chemical 1NC35T is the first in a new series of stories taken from the notes of OneTrickPony69. Each of these fantastical erotic tales are ideas that were created as sext stories and yet were not possible to create using the format.

They might have been abandoned, but they won’t be forgotten as now you can enjoy the original notes and delve into the dark world of the Chemical 1NC35T Incident.

When Marie is involved in a lab accident during her research for a new fertility drug, everything seems completely fine to begin with.

But when she returns home to her son, she discovers that there may be more side effects to the accident than she could have predicted. Enjoy the tale of 3 seperate families as they get drawn into the terrifying, mind altering and addicting world of Chemical 1NC35T!

And of course, leave your comments and any thoughts about what other stories you’d like to see going forward.

Enjoy A Little Taste Of What's To Cum

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