Obsessive Compulsive Deviant – New M/S Incest Sext Series Is Here!

OCD Feature

When Sally notices that her son Sam is falling into a deep depression, she assumes it’s the usual stresses that go along with becoming a man. But when Sally finally unearths the true cause of her son’s nihilism, her world is turned upside down. Sam is obsessed with his mother’s ass. It drowns his every thought and yet it is the one thing he can never have.

The 5 Stages of Grief – Part 1 – Denial: A New Fantasy Comic Series Has Launched For Members!

The 5 Stages of Grief - Stage 1 - Denial

In yet another fantastical series from the notes of OneTrickPony69, we enter into the sinful world of science fiction. Gareth is a divorcee whose life fell apart when his daughter was killed in a car accident on her 21st birthday. With his life in shambles, Gareth is given a lifeline when he discovers REMAIN, a tech company that specialises in creating lifelike recreations of lost family members.