All That I Am To You – Part 2 of 2 Released

All That I Am To You - Part 2

" NO! You just want a mindless fuck doll! "

In the second part of this 2 part miniseries, we return to Alexandra and her ongoing existential crisis of what mother she should be for her son, Andrew.

Having just discovered that Andrew has kept her sex doll lookalike all these months, she has a big decision to make about whether she can be the mother that Andrew needs her to be.

But will Andrew be ready for her final decision?

If you’re into M/S stories with a hint of mindbreak and a climatically filthy ending, then this is will be perfect for you.

Enjoy and as always, members are welcome to leave their feedback in the comments below so I can continue to make better stories for you.

Enjoy A Little Taste Of What's To Cum

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